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Our brand

Our brand

iyãsya means ‘relaxation’ in sanskrit. It is this emotion and relaxed state of being that we bring to our guests at our abode. Relaxation amalgamated with all naturals herbs and spices that awaken all senses and sensibilities is the feeling and place of iyãsya.

Experience iyãsya spa

With the goodness of natural ingredients that relax, refresh and rejuvenate!

We are in the business of providing wellness experiences to the urban population across all walks of life. Our services encompass end-to-end wellness.

For whole and rounded wellness, we also incorporate beauty and grooming services that adds to the overall confidence and thus enhances physical wellness and well-being.




Our services also extend outside the spa with partner wellness providers for consultations, customized programmes etc.





The therapist had a right technique to perform an excellent foot massage resulting in the relaxation of nerves.

Mrs. Binjal,

Kalila the therapist was really good, very gentle and friendly . Keep it up your good work.

Mr. Vishwanath,

Special mention to Monika very professional & guided us perfectly as per our needs. Massage technique was extremely good & perfect.

Mr. Pranav,

Donna, an amazing therapist, and Sharan, with their helpful guidance, made my experience truly enjoyable. Larisha's presence was awesome.

Mr. Atul,

Shithila (Low Pressure Massage) was excellent, it was soothing and relaxing and even made me doze off for sometime.

Mrs. Sabitha,

Bibi was very efficient and cooperative her massage was very relaxing. She gave extra attention to my painful limbs.

Mrs. Raima,

Very Excellent !Highly recommended, the therapist is very specific to my needs & customer friendly. Great experience

Mr. Bala,

Abhyanga was a unique experience with excellent oil aromas and hand movements. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mr. Rajni & Mrs.Deeksha,

I came with sore back,due to my work . Therapist did amazingly good job. I have a great relief after the massage.

Mrs. Sanani,

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